60 years ago the first 567-engine was launched by GM-EMD.

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Previous history:

In 1922 established the DMU-factory EMC (Electro Motive Co.), who would motorized the American railroads system. EMC start working together with the engine works "Winton Engine Co. Both these companies come take over by GM (General Motors) in 1930, which until 1941 continued under there old names.

In 1934 the GM come in to used a new factory in La Grange, Illinois, where they could produced locomotives on assembly line just like cars come to be.

The first locomotives type E was launched in 1937, where have the axle arrangement A1A-A1A and have to 12-cylindres two-stroke diesel engines

with there each generator which again produce power to two traction motors. The locomotive have a total of four traction motors. They came total ten different models of this locomotive type until 1963.

Two years later, in November 1939, go the first locomotive type FT103 on a ten-month PR-tour, the came to be a success. This locomotive type come to build in eight different models until 1960.The locomotive have a 16-cylindres V-formed to-strokes diesel engine with a generator, who draw four traction motors. Axle arrangement are Bo-Bo.

In 1941 get this in 1930 take over factories EMC and Winton Engine C, the new common name EMD (Electo Motive Division).

A engine must be also to.

In 1938 launched the first 567-engine, who for serious want to established the name of GM-EMD world wide as a great manufacturer where they to be expect it. The engine get a mostly advantage by they could used under all climatic conditions.

The 567-engine came to replaced by the 645-engine in 1966, who in 1988 came to replaced by the 710-engine. The third model are

in the present time come to be replace by the first four-stroke engine from GM-EMD, they market as the H-engine.

Beforehand the first 567-engine, they came to be launched in 1933 as Winton 201 A-engine, who also was a two-stroke diesel engine come to produced until 1939 and they came never to launched outside USA.